The Three Most Common Football Betting Types

If you’ve only recently stumbled onto the wonderful world of football wagering online, the sheer amount of different types of stakes can be somewhat overwhelming. There are numerous guides and How To articles available online, so simply put a little time in to learning the details of the most popular wagers and you will find your feet much more quickly than you may have thought you would.


We’re here to get you started, and will have you placing your stake on your favourite football team with the best of them, and winning big quicker than you can say AFL betting odds!


What is a Double?


Logically speaking, if a Single has you predicting that one event is going to occur in a match, then a Double is made up of two predictions. If you have laid a Double, then you have selected two outcomes, and laid money on them both occurring: for example, you’ve hazarded a guess that both Chelsea and Arsenal are going to win their upcoming Premier League games.


Doubles generally provide excellent odds, especially when compared to Singles, so, if you have two teams in mind for a win, consider joining them together into a single wager in order to maximise your returns. Remember, in order for this bet to win, both of your selections will need to come in.


What are Trebles?

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This has you wagering on three different events in the same wager: instead of just guessing that Chelsea and Arsenal will win their Premier League matches, you throw in Manchester United as well. As with Doubles, all of your selections will need to come in in order for you to win, so, should Chelsea and Arsenal come out on on top, but Man United gets a seeing to, your entire bet will lose.


What are Accumulators?


These may be a tricky option for beginners, as they are a combination of four or more selections into a single wager, and you will see a return only if all these separate parts win. The advantage of a Accumulator is that the winnings are much higher, thanks to the increased risk, since only one selection failing means they all will.


What is a Trixie?


A Trixie can be described as Full Cover, and it covers all possible Doubles, Trebles, and Accumulators across however many selections you have chosen to add to your stake. Trixies involve three selections, and is made up of four individual wagers: three Doubles and a a Treble.


The Doubles may be made up of Chelsea and Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea, and Arsenal and Manchester United, for example, and the Treble would cover them all. With a Trixie, if one of your teams loses, like Man United and Arsenal coming out on top but Chelsea gets beaten, you will still see a return. Bear in mind, however, that your stake in a Trixie is for each of the lines: if you’re betting 2.50 on four lines, the total outlay is going to be 10.

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