Arsenal boss ‘doesn’t care’ about fans sacking calls

Arsenal fans have turned on Arsene Wenger in recent weeks, but the Frenchman is refusing to give to ‘care’.

The Gunners have fallen to eight points off Premier League leaders Leicester City, and are on the brink of an exit from the Champions League.

Fans of the club have grown frustrated with his side’s drastically fading title hopes, despite the disappointing campaign for all the usual suspects this term.

Wenger is denying that there is a reason to be frustrated currently, and is adamant he will continue to do his job.

‘There’s nothing disappointing for me,’ Wenger said.

‘I do my job. Look at the history of the club, since the club exists, and you will see that I have nothing to be scared of. I don’t care.

‘I do not want to speak about that because it is always the same story. It is enough now. If you have any questions ask other people. Do you know someone who has won it [the FA Cup] more than me?

‘We judge the season afterwards and I’m quite amazed so many people judge it so early. We have not given up anywhere and you will see that in the coming weeks. This club has been in a much worse position than it is today.’

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