Arsenal legend Pires hits back at Mills criticisms

Robert Pires has responded to the recent criticism aimed at him by Danny Mills, denying he brought diving to the English game.

Mills moved to claim it was disrespectful of Pires and Thierry Henry to attempt that famous failed penalty combination, but then praised the completed version of Suarez and Messi this week.

“When Messi and Suarez try it, it’s magical but when Pires and [Thierry] Henry try it, it’s a lack of respect. That doesn’t make any sense,” Pires responded in The Times on Thursday.

The former England international defender also sniped at the Frenchman by claiming he brought an era of diving into the English game, which Pires also denies.

“I didn’t bring diving to England. There was one controversy against Portsmouth, but there was contact,” Pires insisted.

“When you run fast with the ball and dribble, a slight touch from a defender or even movement towards you can unbalance you.

“I looked for a foul sometimes, I provoked the defender for sure and most of the time I dribbled past, but I never dived and have never intentionally disrespected anyone.’

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