Barcelona show their interest in Bellerin!

One player that Arsenal will have to anticipate getting lots of interests from other clubs, is defensive talent Hector Bellerin. There have been plenty of rumours surrounding the defender’s future in the past, but have one club taken their interest to the next level?
Before today the only interest in Bellerin was being reported in the papers, with no real substantial evidence behind it to back up their claims. Now however the Spaniard’s former club FC Barcelona have broken the trend, having openly stating they do hold an interest in the Spaniard’s position at Arsenal.
Barcelona Vice-President Jordi Mestre said: “We’ve already seen him as a Cule! He’s a great player, there’s no doubt about that. Wenger convinced him to move [in 2011] and promised him something which we could not. We could not promise him that within two years he would be playing in Dani Alves’ place. In many cases it’s good they leave to develop as players and then return.”
Although Mestre isn’t going to openly state his intentions to look at re-signing Bellerin, the interest is clearly there. Barcelona have been known to resign former players they let go in the past as youngsters. Gerard Pique and Arsenal’s own previous captain Cesc Fabregas both left Barcelona at young ages to pursue careers elsewhere, however both also resigned for their previous employers at a later date. Barcelona believe that Bellerin could be next on the list to join them, although the Spaniard has openly stated in the past that he has no interest in signing for the Catalans.
When the offer does inevitably come in, Arsenal should be in a strong financial position to reject it, but if Barca do come calling, will Bellerin stay true to his new colours?
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