Could Cristiano Ronaldo be returning to Man United this Summer?

Among the various transfer rumours circulating, one potential move stands out from all the others, and that is the news that Cristiano Ronaldo could make a return to Manchester United.

Having made history back in 2009 after a successful transfer bid from Real Madrid for £80 million, it seemed that the international player would spend the rest of his foreseeable future at the top Spanish club. However, after an initial successful transition to the club, the player started to show signs of unhappiness under manager Rafa Benitez in 2015, with rumours at the time linking him back to Man Utd. Rumours will have been sparked again amidst reports that Real are offering the Manchester based team to buy Ronaldo for a knockdown £48.2 Million when he is released from his current contract this summer.

Although the dramatic reduction in price is one that will undoubtedly peak the club’s interests, there is no avoiding the evidence that, at the age of 31, Ronaldo is now past his sporting peak. On the flipside of this argument, you have the fact that Manchester United’s last performance has been below par for the once great team, and as such, a new dynamic is needed in an attempt to bring the team back to its past glories. The issue is, with the likelihood that Van Gaal will soon leave as manager, and Jose Mourinho is currently the favourite to replace him, will a pairing of Mourinho and Ronaldo even be possible?

Betway Sports fans will no doubt be using the top bookmaker to gauge how likely this transfer could be, especially given the past history between the Portuguese duo. In 2013 the ex Chelsea manager made headlines by remarking on Ronaldo being a ‘know it all’, and that he didn’t take criticism well and therefore left the coach with no way to aid further development for the player. The parting blow between the two does seem to indicate that nothing short of a miracle will be needed if the two are ever to work together again, and yet if anyone is capable of such a masterstroke, then it will be Jorge Mendes.

Currently Mourinho’s agent, and having had a close relationship with Ronaldo in the past, Mendes would be the ideal man for such a challenging task. And while Man United fans may easily disregard a mention of the Portuguese agent, there is no escaping the fact that he predominately holds the keys to the club’s future at present. Although Mourinho may not be managerial material in everyone’s eyes for Van Gaal’s job, during his career he has experienced many successes. Furthermore, with the current state of affairs at Manchester United being less than ideal, the appointment of Mourinho could be a means to usher in a new era. As of yet, however there is no definite answers to either the Ronaldo question or who will succeed as manager, although the scheduled talks between Mendes and Woodward will have a look of people betting on Mourinho.

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