Footballers Who Featured in TV Adverts

Millions of youngsters around the world look up to their favourite football players and one day dream to follow in their footsteps and become a professional footballer earning millions of pounds, defying the Paddy Power football odds to win trophies. What they might not be aware of is that it’s not all smooth sailing and sometimes you have to do things so satisfy your sponsors.

As a professional footballer your sponsors will more than likely ask you to promote their brand or you might get an interesting offer to help promote a new product and the below adverts are some of the most hilarious efforts ever created.

Jimmy Bullard

Jimmy Bullard has always been seen as a ‘class clown’ however the one thing you have to admit is that he’s got luscious flowing locks. It’s probably why this shampoo company asked him to endorse their product to hilarious effect.

John Arne Riise, Morten Gamst Pederson & Erik Huseklepp

Norway must have some questionable adverts as the above one was commissioned to involve three of the country’s top footballers talking about eating fruit. I’d have just eaten the sweets personally.

Carlos Tevez

Whilst all of the other adverts have actually made it fairly obvious what they are promoting, apparently Carlos was just paid to dance for 30 seconds. Which for any of us mere mortals would be fine, but for someone with an image to protect, he probably should have sought some advice before agreeing to this.

Jason Scotland

Jason Scotland was a much bigger deal north of the border than he was playing in England. Scoring 33 goals in 66 games for St. Johnstone made him fairly well known. So when his national team, Trinidad and Tobago, got into the 2006 World Cup Irn Bru decided to capitalise (despite the fact he played 0 minutes at the tournament).

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