How Conte Managed To Turn It All Round

It’s pretty fair to say that the 2015/16 season of the Premier League was one of the most unpredictable and unprecedented in the league’s history. Lower teams were quickly climbing the ranks and the top sides were suddenly struggling to find any sort of form whatsoever leaving them in utter chaos.

Leicester City was the surprising victors who managed to take the title and this from a team that only managed a 14th place spot in their previous Premier League season. It was the perfect example of just how erratic and exceptional this season had been.

Despite the surprise title win, it was the incredible way in which the current title holders Chelsea had managed to completely fall apart and only managing to just about stay in the top half of the table by the time the season was over.

Conte point

By Christmas manager Jose Mourinho, who had enjoyed immense victory with his side just months before, was being shown the door at Stamford Bridge and it left so many bemused as to how quickly this once almost unbeatable team had suddenly slipped into such crisis.

Ex-Netherlands boss Guus Hiddink took over the team for the interim period whilst Chelsea searched for their next full-time manager and in April 2016 the decision had been made to hire Italy manager Antonio Conte.

The 47-year old had enjoyed plenty of success both as a manager and during his career as a player. For 3 straight seasons between 2011 and 2014 the Italian star had led his Juventus side to back to back league title wins in the Serie A and he seemed the perfect fit for the underperforming Chelsea side and since the start of the new season they haven’t looked back.

Their current form is outstanding and they have only lost 1 game out of their last 19 Premier League encounters.

In fact they have picked up 50 points out of a possible 57 which has helped keep them at the top of the table since around November time.

Currently they are 8 points clear of their nearest rivals Manchester City and already the bookies favourites to clinch the title once more.

Even a beginners guide to online betting would recommend those odds. It would be an incredible feat to win the league, take a huge slump the following season, and then follow it up with another title win.

There’s still a little way to go yet with the next 5 teams all jostling around for a top position with just 4 points separating them but if Chelsea can hang on till the end of the season it would be new manager Antonio Conte who would be getting the plaudits.

He’s a very thoughtful manager and he has been able to instil something in his players that has given them new focus and when they had back to back defeats early in the season against Liverpool and Arsenal, It wasn’t about looking back and dwelling on it was about inspiring his players to move forward and to tactically reshape the team. There’s no doubt his line-up have the talent to win games and it looks set to continue.

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