How important is form in football and other sport?


Everyone who is involved in sport, even those who try exchange betting on sports, hopes that they will walk away with the result that they wanted. However, this is not always possible and if you face a very impressive and more skilled opponent, you are likely to walk away with a defeat. There can be a certain amount of luck involved on the day as well. It is very rare for teams to go on long losing streaks, but there are some teams which have unfortunately gone on long streaks without experiencing a win.


Íbis Sport

18 game losing streak minimum / three years 11 months without a win


Ibis are the self-proclaimed ‘worst team in the world’ and their losing habits are a key and vital part of their identity. As the club play in the lowest division of the Pernambuco state championship, exact results can be difficult to track. However it is well documented that in the 1981 season Ibis lost every single one of their 18 game splayed and conceded a total of 89 goals in the process. It is believed that their losing streak started at the end of the 1980 season, but it is also plausible that it extended into the 1982 as well. Although it is difficult to know how many games they lost in a row, the club have the world record with the longest period of time without a win at 3 years and 11 months. This winless streak earned them the world record and the title of ‘worst team in the world’.


Although it’s not always possible, every football club strives to improve and possibly be in contention to win a trophy. However it’s a very different scenario at Ibis. The Brazilian club and the fans pride itself on being the worst club in the world. In recent weeks, Ibis has surprisingly started winning a few games. This would be welcome to many clubs, but the fans have become angered with the players and manager for winning a few games. It seems that the majority of fans are disappointed at Ibis becoming just a regular club rather than the ‘worst team in the world’.


It’s not just football clubs which have experienced losing streaks throughout their history. There have also been teams from other sports that have gone through losing streaks as well. Here’s a quick recap:


  • Louisville Colonels – 26 games

The Louisville Colonels currently holds the record for the number of MLB games lost in a row despite the record being set in 1889.


  • Chicago Cardinals – 29 games

Due to relocation the Chicago Cardinals are now known as the Arizona Cardinals. However before their relocation, the Cardinals lost 29 games in a row across four seasons. During this period, they went two seasons without a win.


  • Philadelphia 76ers – 28 games

The 76ers are the most recent team on this list to go on a long losing streak. The team lost 9 games of the 2014-15 season and then went on to lose the first 18 games of the following season


Although there are teams which go through losing streaks, there are others which go through impressive unbeaten streaks. These are significantly more difficult to achieve. Arsenal’s invincible season in 2003/04 is probably the best example of a team going unbeaten, especially in a league as competitive as the Premier League. It’s extremely rare for anyone to come close to an unbeaten season let alone pull it off.


More recently, Celtic achieved an unbeaten campaign as they went 47 league and cup games without a defeat in the 2016/17 season. This streak eclipsed the 1897/98 unbeaten streak when they went undefeated in all 18 league games. The Celts have continued the unbeaten streak into the current season and have currently matched the old 62 game unbeaten streak. Should they avoid defeat against St Johnstone, they will make history.

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