Who Can Dethrone Manchester City Next Season?

Manchester City brushed all title contenders aside this year and won the English Premier League in record time. As things stand, other teams will have lots of work to do if they want to remove them from their throne next season and it is questionable if anyone can do that.

Many bookmakers, such as sport.netbet.co.uk, are already drawing up their next season’s offers in addition to the offer for the forthcoming World Cup, and they are making Manchester City much stronger candidates for next year’s title and are taking them much more seriously this time around.

However, football wouldn’t be the sport that we know and love if there weren’t any surprises. And what bigger surprise than Manchester City stumbling in Pep’s third season and some other team stealing a march to the title. These are our two teams which could remove Manchester City from the pedestal next year.

Manchester United

Jose Mourinho’s team has been playing better and better as the season has progressed and it seems like the Red Devils are finally getting into their groove. Their backline has started playing with confidence, Matic is a very solid presence in midfield, in De Gea they have the best goalkeeper in the world, and players such as Rashford, Mata, Martial and Sanchez can turn defensive lines inside out. In addition to this, Mourinho also possesses two lethal weapons in the form of Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku and when
everything ticks together they are one mean machine.

Next year, they are bound to add two or three world class players to their ranks, and if those additions settle in quickly then anything can happen for United and they might finally get the Manchester bragging rights back from their noisy neighbours as Ferguson once branded City.


Many people write Chelsea off whenever they have a bad season forgetting that in recent years the Blues have been at their most dangerous when nobody gives them any chance of winning anything.

There are many things which might happen in pre-season which will influence on the fact whether Chelsea can contend with Manchester City for the title, but one thing remains a constant in Chelsea’s performances recently. That is their unlimited desire to prove everyone wrong after a season of misfortune. They won the Champions League in their most turbulent year in history and they won the English Premier League with Conte after Jose Mourinho left them in a terrible predicament the season before.

Next year they will most definitely expect to keep their biggest stars at Stamford Bridge and if recent rumors are anything to go by it seems like the core of the team will stay at the Cobham training ground and that new faces will also likely arrive.

The desire of the players who have had a relatively bad season so far and the desire of the board to not have two bad years in terms of finances will do miracles for the Blues and they should be considered as strong candidates for the title next year as in previous years.

Updated: March 19, 2018 — 10:23 am
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